Professionellt munspel i tonart C. Perfekt för rock och blues.


Hohner Pro Harp MS G-Harp. Chromatic harmonica HOHNER Pro harp ms g- harp.

Artikelnr: 132037. Antal: Dela: Finns i butik. You'll love the distinguished, matt-black finish plus the distinctive sound of this MS-Series harmonica. The Hohner 562 Pro Harp is crafted with matte-black Greblon  Köp Hohner Pro Harp Ab 562/20 hos Uppsala Musikverkstad. Rock och Bluesmunspel. Hel och halvtoner.

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Powerful sound, rugged good looks and roadworthy durability. That's the Pro Harp. Often known as the Rock Harp, its all black design melds the plastic com… Hohner Pro Harp MS, Eb - Hohner Pro Harp MS är en elegant och professionell harmoni perfekt för alla Blues eller Rock Harmica-spelare. Pro Harp MS har en  Hohner Pro Harp F 562/20. Rock och Bluesmunspel.

Getting clear single-note melodies is a cinch.

The Hohner Pro Harp MS has "Greblon" coated covers in matte black, which gives this model an unmistakable appearance. The black -coated covers and brass 

Depending on your finances, you  Powerful sound, rugged good looks, and road worthy durability. That's the Pro Harp.

The Hohner Pro Harp is a standard Richter tuned diatonic with 10 holes and 20 reeds. There’s nothing particularly outstanding about it, but it’s not a bad little harp. One thing that is worth noting is that it has a plastic comb. So, there’s no danger of wood swelling changing the tone, which is rich and warm.

Hohner pro harp

Har nu någon gång hört ett munspel på en inspelning är sannolikheten nära 100% att det är ett Hohner. Pro Harp MS, 20 tons bluesmunspel. Richter tuning and undivided air channels allow for bending and overblowing the reeds, creating the signature wailing sound typical of the harmonica. The Pro Harp has the same sleek black non-stick covers as the Cross Harp, with a polished plastic comb and standard thickness reedplates. Me, reviewing the Hohner MS Pro Harp in harmonic F Minor.

Hohner pro harp

Handla från en av våra butiker: Välj E-handel, Musikcenter AB -  Köp online Munspel HOHNER ,PRO- Harp A-dur (460194845) • Blåsinstrument • Avslutad 12 apr 08:08.
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Often known as the Rock Harp, its all black design melds the plastic comb of the Big River Harp with the cover form of the Blues Harp to create a potent  Hohner Pro Harp MS G-Harp.

2x Hohner Mondharmonica Pro Harp in "F" Doosje kan beschadigd zijn. Hohner Chromatic Professional Super 64 X (C)Hohner Hohner Blues Harp ProPack (C/G/A)Hohner Hohner Diatonic MS System Pro Harp MS (D)Hohner. Hohner Pro Harp Review: the Black & Gold Brother of the Fantastic “Blues Harp”. A plastic comb instead of a wood comb?
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Nov 12, 2013 Hohner Pro Harp MS B, Harmonica, Tuning: B, Richter model, 20 Tunes, Strong sound, With MS-System, Comb made from ABS, Mouthpiece: 

Antal: Dela: Finns i butik. 453,00 kr.