The EKG Interpretation Coach presents over 40 of the most common EKG types. Each tracing can be analyzed and then answers compared with an expert's analysis. Before using this EKG section, you should be familiar with the EKG concepts and analysis methods. Visit our Learning EKG Rhythm Analysis page for a overview of our arrhythmia modules.


This method includes assessment of rhythm, calculating heart rate, observing P-wave forms, measurement of EKG intervals and segments and the evaluation of other relevant waves.

optimal, however, and new ECG methods can provide additional information. 1500. 500. -500. 0. 1000.

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So, for the HR above we would say it is less than 50 beats per minue. Please note that you always start counting with the '0'using the R wave deflection that is directly on top of a dark line of a large box. The heart rate determination technique used will be the 1500 technique. Starting at the beginning of the tracing through the end, measure from one R wave to the next R wave (ventricular assessment), then P wave to P wave (atrial assessment), then count the number of small boxes between each and divide that number into 1500. Method # 4 - The 1500 Method Count the number of small boxes between two R waves and divide this number into 1500 to obtain the HR/min. Example : If there were 12.5 small boxes between two successive R waves, then the heart rate would be : 1500/12.5 small boxes = 120 bpm.

Draw two lines on the ECG trace. The first line should be near the left-hand side of the paper containing the ECG trace; the second line should be exactly 30 large squares subsequent to the first line. 30 large squares on an ECG trace represents exactly 6 seconds.

mostasis Potential (OHP) method - a possible tia Study. J Thromb Haemost 2011; 9: 1500-7. Hitta flimmer – stoppa stroke Zenicor-EKG i tre veckor hittar tysta förmaksflimmer hos 11,4% av stroke- Prolonged Intermittent ECG recording”.

1500. Body Mass Index. ECG. Electrocardiogram.

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Ecg 1500 method

The only method  How to Read? Calculating the Heart Rate; Calculation Methods. 6 Second method; 300 Method; 1500 Method.

Ecg 1500 method

MRx-data Kabelset för 3-avlednings-EKG. M1500A. 3-ledad EKG-stamkabel (AAMI). Evaluation of the ECG-risk score in the screening of athletes. 65 100. VII. NMR as a method to evaluate the quality of insulin analogues- concentration, variation and den vanligaste gynekologiska cancerformen där cirka 1500 kvinnor.
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Systematic approach to ECG interpretation: efficient and safe method. The ECG must always be interpreted systematically. Failure to perform a systematic interpretation of the ECG may be detrimental. The interpretation algorithm presented below is easy to follow and it can be carried out by anyone.

Therefore, you can use the space between QRS complexes on This method can be used when: The heart rhythm is regular; The paper speed is 25 mm/s (standard in most countries) All you do is find an R-wave that is lined up with a large block on the ECG paper and count the number of large blocks between that cardiac cycle and the next. In other words, you measure the R-R interval in large blocks. 6 large This short course reviews the main features of EKG tracings.
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The 1500 Method: Count the number of small boxes between two successive R waves and divide this number into 1500 to obtain heart rate. This works well for faster heart rates. ECG Axis

So, for the HR above we would say it is less than 50 beats per minue.